Media Partners

  • SBS

    SBS has long championed the sport of domestic and international cycling in Australia. As the home of cycling and the official broadcaster of international cycling's pinnacle event the Tour de France, SBS is partnering with JDRF to showcase Le Velo Virtuel by promoting the event and streaming the live coverage of the event on its platform.

  • Bike Exchange

    BikeExchange is all about fuelling the passion for cycling. Their platform makes it easier for people in Australia, and around the world to buy and sell bikes, online and in retail bike stores. As big supporters of the cycling community Bike Exchange is partnering with JDRF as a media partner to assist with event promotion.

Cycling Partners


    Zwift is the world’s leading virtual cycling platform that brings the excitement and camaraderie of outdoor cycling indoors. Zwift is partnering with Le Velo Virtuel to perfect the technical details of the inaugural first-of-its-kind event. Participants will have access to the Zwift platform to train for and participate in the event.

  • Wahoo

    Participants of Le Velo Virtuel will have access to Wahoo Kickr smart trainers thanks to distributor FE Sports. Wahoo makes easy-to-use connected devices compatible with online fitness platforms like Zwift, making indoor training more rewarding.

Technology Partner

  • Telstra

    As Australia's leading telecommunications and technology company, Telstra is about creating a brilliant connected future for everyone. With a long history of supporting JDRF, Telstra is proud to be a technology partner for Le Velo Virtuel and empowering participants to be connected for this first-of-kind event.

  • VideoCraft

    Videocraft is a leading video equipment rental house and the go-to production team for cycling events in Australia and joins Le Velo Virtuel to produce the live broadcast of the event that will stream globally on July 27.

Event Partner

  • Cycling Australia

    Thanks for Cycling Australia, Le Velo Virtuel will take place in two iconic cycling velodromes. The DISC velodrome in Melbourne and the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the Dunc Gray Velodrome. Whilst participating in Le Velo Virtuel, participants will be entertained by a great night of track racing put on by Cycling NSW and Cycling Victoria.